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The Twin Cities' racial disparities in the determinants of health are staggering!  Let's do something about it together.

Can you contribute time,  talent, or material to help children, adults, families, or congregations in need?  

Or, are you in need of personal assistance or support for yourself, your children, or your church? 

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If you want to go to work and build a great career, Hope United and our partners are ready to help you right now!  Connections to Success exists for nothing but to help you become employed in great, family supportive jobs that lead to a career.  Working closely with Hennepin County, we connect with local schools training programs. and employers to match people who need each other.  Employers need great people and great people need great employers.  We help to make the connection and to make it last. 

in addition, working with great partners, we can help you navigate to increased financial capabilities through our membership in Northworks.  For information on Northworks or Connections for Success clik here.


Racial injustice is a verified reality in every aspect of American life. It's effect is seen in racially categorized social indicators.  These indicators of wealth, employment, education, home ownership, criminal justice, health and others are symptoms of a pathological system that hurts everyone.  It is not a passing common cold.

The pathology was sown into our culture by individuals who sought to establish a culture that would sustain the dehumanization of certain people for the purpose of exploitation.  These cultural drivers include the perversion of religion, the distortion of history, and science, and an assurance that those who conform to the ideal would experience privileges in society.  This ideal that some call "White Supremacy" has savaged our societies and people of all ethnicities.

At Hope United CDC, we are busily working to foster and support racial healing through increasing awareness, learning and action.



In their “One Minneapolis” community indicators report, the Minneapolis Foundation confirms that in the aggregate, the academic performances of students of color declines from grades 6 through high school.   Through our African American Male Alliance, we provide a constellation of services that support learning readiness. We connect mentors to students, rally community advocacy and assets in support of schools, and serve as a bridge for connecting people, congregations other organizations and resources to help students and families win.





May 14, 2020 

 Bridge of Reconciliation

Special Guest

Dr. Luke Bobo

Director of Strategic Partnerships,

Made to flourish

​​A national thought leader and practitioner in the work of reconciliation,  Dr Bobo will lead us in a discussion on his book entitled "Race, Economics, & Apologetics" 

We will be enriched through his scholarship

and vast exposure to ministries of reconciliation.

Join the ZOOM Meeting 
Time: May 14, 2020 11:45 AM c.s.t.