Mentors and Students Enjoy Retreats

African American

Male Alliance 

IncreasingLearning Readiness

In their “One Minneapolis” community indicators report, the Minneapolis Foundation confirms that in the aggregate, the academic performances of students of color declines from grades 6 through high school. 

What we do…

  • Help middle and high school students identify and live into values that support success – Provide culturally relevant mentoring for students focusing on life skills and other attitudinal imperatives;
  • Organize learning experiences - Sponsor tours of businesses and schools, retreats and Saturday workshops;
  • Celebrate student success and gather resources - Provide uniforms and other garments and supplies for middle-school students at Lucy Craft Laney and Sponsor an annual teacher and staff appreciation breakfast;
  • ​Sponsor an annual weekend intensive leadership development camp for Lucy Laney mentees;
  • Mobilize community prayer for our students, families, and school faculty