September 10h, 2020

11:45 am to 1:00 pm




Overview of the Bridge of Reconciliation

The Bridge of Reconciliation is a monthly luncheon for pastors, church, community leaders and others committed to cooperative work on behalf of the kids and poor of North Minneapolis.   Gatherings begin with a time of prayer around a topic, and then move to informal discussion over lunch, followed by a short presentation and guided discussion.  

The Bridge of Reconciliation exists to help pastors and leaders across the divides of race, gender, culture, class, and place, connect.   These connections can lead to relationships, friendships and partnerships through which God will be present to do what we cannot do alone.

The Bridge of Reconciliation is unique; our focus is on long-term transformation of community by building new lines of communication and helping people reconcile to specific, actionable initiatives for community action.  There are few places in the Twin Cities where a diverse group will regularly meet on such level ground; creating opportunities for learning and relationship building. 

Sign up and join us.  There is no registration fee.  However, please give to support the work.

Says Measure of America - "Knitting disconnected, opportunity-scarce communities into the fabric of our wider society and creating meaningful pathways within them is the answer to youth disconnection (from work and school.)"

Knitting, quilting, bonding, are words sometimes used in describing the work God does in connecting diverse followers of Christ.   We can learn much about reconciling and repairing from these terms often associated with artistry.  Apart from one another, we are at best pieces of the finished work of Christ.  But, in God's creative and sure hands the pieces become one.