If you want to go to work and build a great career, Hope United and our partners are ready to help you right now!  Our Career Linkage and support Services exist for nothing but to help you become employed in great, family supportive jobs that lead to a career.  We connect with local schools and programs that work together in providing coordinated educational, training, coaching, and job placement services.  In addition, we partner with the State of MN, the County and congregations to help qualified participants with transportation, child-care and other necessary supportive services.

Whatever your career goals are, our team is ready to go to work with you.  For further information, contact us at

or 612-692-6563.

people, organizations, and resources connecting to transform our communities for good


Hennepin County's data indicates that 67% of North-Minneapolis residents are dependent upon public assistance.  That is intolerable and we are making changes! Imagine the impact that 1,200  north-side residents entering the workforce will have on community development in North-Minneapolis and on growing the Twin Cities' shrinking work-force!beyond!  To actualize this vision, a collective of North-side nonprofits, including Hope United CDC, has connected with the Minneapolis Foundation, Hennepin County, and the MN State Dept. of Human Services to help heads of households on welfare   obtain holistic, certified  training for career positions.

There are lots of ways to help: Join our Urban Suburban Business or Congregation Leaders'  Council; become a coach or tutor; help us provide child-care; or use your church van to transport new workers to their jobs.


In their “One Minneapolis” community indicators report, the Minneapolis Foundation confirms that in the aggregate, the academic performances of students of color declines from grades 6 through high school.   Through our African American Male Alliance, we provide a constellation of services that support learning readiness. We connect mentors to students, rally community advocacy and assets in support of  the school, and serve as a bridge for connecting people, congregations other organizations and resources to help kids and families win.





Bridge of Reconciliation

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

11:45am to 1:00pm

3333 4th Street North

Minneapolis, MN 55412

Join other people of faith for lunch in a respectful, mutually edifying environment.