North Minneapolis is “a thriving and vibrant community that is a great place to live, work, play, and worship”

Hope United CDC is a “Catalyst of Hope in North Minneapolis – connecting people, organizations and resources to transform our community for Good




A Word From Our Executive Director

                 Richard H. Coleman 

In his 2012 State of the City Speech, Mayor R.T. Rybak described North Minneapolis as a critical component to the health and growth of the City.
That means the North-side will impact the entire region of  2.9 million people.  Many have written off the North-side.  I recently took a look at  what "" has to say.  Check it out for yourself.  When they advise people where to live, North Minneapolis is not on the list.  In fact, they steer people away from the area that the Mayor and City Planners say is vital to the welfare of the City and they do so for what many consider obvious reason.  But, God is 
moving in North Minneapolis and changes are underway.
Indeed, many, many north-side residents, nonprofits, businesses and leaders are declaring a vision of hope.  Others see it too.  There is a growing understanding that actualization of the vision demands a cooperative response in which the local community is supported by others throughout the region.  And...., it starts with and among followers of Jesus Christ.
Many people are working and praying daily for the good of this community and they share a hope that a change will come.  But, for positive change to occur, those who embrace hope must connect and unite in faith and works.  We are committed to being catalysts of this hope and the relationships through which many will stand united.  Together we can and will do it.


Board of Directors


Roger Corbin

I have had a long interest in racial reconciliation, growing up in a military family in many diverse paces around the country.  My interest in Hope United CDC's mission was born out of my concern for the persistent disparities in education and employment in North Minneapolis.  I hope to use my experience in psychology, healing ministry and management consultation to advance the unique mission of Hope United CDC.


 Lonnie Humphrey

The community of North minneapolis is a place that is very important and very close to my heart.  I grew up in an area where justice was not balanced at all for minority citizens.  My parents raised us to to be a family that focuses on what is right, just and equal for all.  My father started a newspaper called the "Challenger" that exposed issues and challenged the status quo back in the seventies.  This helped to shape my point of view.  I have seen some of the inequities that have taken place in North Minneapolis.  God has placed challenging the current system on my heart.  I want to be involved in a Christ-centered movement that will enhance the current environment and opportunities in North Minneapolis

Royce Pavelka

                                                 Royce Pavelka

Royce Pavelka is a commercial real estate professional who focuses on helping companies and investors achieve their goals through real estate. Also, as a seminary-trained leader, Royce is committed to helping followers of Jesus take their faith to work.  Royce brings passion, energy, and creative intellect to work at Hope United CDC